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Frequently Asked Questions

Porcelain or vitreous enamel is a glass-based inorganic coating for metal that, through a firing process at 480 – 900°C, forms a “skin” of great resistance and with extraordinary aesthetic effects. For more info, visit the page
Enamel is unique for its technical and aesthetic-perceptive properties. Unlike varnishes, enamel contains no solvents, it does not burn, it can be cleaned with water and without detergents, it offers a wide range of brilliant colours and it is resistant to the mechanical action, to corrosion and to the weather.
Emaylum Italia s.r.l. was born from a 40-year experience in this field and it offers a customized and constant assistance to the customer. If you have any problems while processing our enamels, a technician will always be at your disposal for corrective interventions according to your needs and the nature of the product.
Our factory produces exclusively lead-free and nickel-free products and sustains the use of products with environment-friendly and non-dangerous substances, according to the RoHS and Reach European directives, where you can find more information. For these reasons, it is generally sufficient to follow the traditional directives for environment, health and safety on the working place.
One of the strong points of Emaylum Italia s.r.l. is our predisposition to produce special customized products for any need. In the page OUR PRODUCTS it is possible to consult a list of a few standard and special product types for many technical applications and aesthetic needs. Anyway, in case you need a product missing from the list, just try to ask. Our technicians are always ready to make some research on new ideas and solutions in partnership with the customer.
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