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Our products

Standard Products

  • Traditional ground enamels
  • “Combi” ground enamels (two layers + one firing)
  • Direct black enamels (shiny or matt)
  • White enamels
  • Transparent enamels
  • Semi-matt enamels
  • Catalytic enamels
  • Pyrolithic enamels
  • “Easy To Clean” Enamels (ETC – see Technical Glossary)
  • Enamels for Alluminio, even vanadium-free, from 500 to 570°C
  • Enamels for cast iron and relative “stucco”
  • Printing screen enamels for metal and glass (float and extra-clear)

Special products

A strong point of Emaylum Italia is the creation of special products, which makes our work unique on the market. We will list here some of our exclusive products.

  • Polychrome granite-effect enamels, ready & easy
  • Enamels with copper, brass, bronze and alluminium effects
  • Electrostatic powder for every application
  • Enamels for the chemical industry
  • Enamels for glass of any kind (glass ceramic, glass blocks, borosilicate glass…)
  • Luminescent enamels for glass, metal and ceramic, and enamel-based luminiscent gemstones for custom jewelry.
  • Leadless and ready-to-use enamels for resistors
  • Enamel for grinding wheels
  • Enamels for refractory materials
  • Ultra-thin enamels
  • Special enamels for heat sinks of thermoelectric centrals
  • Special enamels for bronze and copper
  • Enamel coloured granules for glass and ceramics
  • Artistic enamels and pigments for copper, gold, silver and stainless steel.

All of our products are lead-free and nickel-free and respect the RoHS and REACH directives on health and environment!

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